Surely you have many questions and thoughts about this new phase of life.

As midwives, we are the medical specialists for all questions relating to pregnancy, childbirth, confinement and breastfeeding. We see it as our task to accompany you sensitively and to keep an eye on both your health and that of your child. We try to strengthen your strength and your self-confidence and give you support when you need it.

If the pregnancy test is positive, please contact our placement center as soon as possible to ensure support. The costs of care are covered by the health insurance companies.

Midwives offer a wide range of services. However, not all midwives offer the same services. Therefore, you should first think about which offer is important to you.

The midwife services listed below are financed by statutory health insurance companies. Privately insured persons should inform themselves in good time about the extent to which the costs for a midwife are covered by their health insurance company.

You are also entitled to midwifery services in special circumstances, e.g. after an adoption, miscarriage or stillbirth.


If you have any questions about pregnancy, you can arrange a consultation with your midwife.

Assistance with pregnancy problems

If symptoms such as nausea, water retention, back pain or premature labour, etc. occur during pregnancy, the midwife will also be there to advise you and support you with alternative healing methods.

In a joint conversation there is the possibility to talk about wishes, hopes, fears, insecurities and experiences of a previous birth or the time afterwards.

Pregnancy care

Midwives are allowed to carry out check-ups during pregnancy on their own responsibility and independently, with the exception of ultrasounds. They may issue the maternity pass and document the results of the check-ups in it. These include, for example Checking the blood pressure, examining the urine for protein and sugar, listening to the child’s heartbeat, noting the child’s position and growth.

There is the option of having the check-ups carried out within the framework of the maternity guidelines exclusively by the midwife or alternately with the gynaecologist, or exclusively by the gynaecologist.

The midwife can also certify the pregnancy for the health insurance company or the employer.

The midwife will also support you in choosing the place of birth with regard to hospital birth, birth in a birthing center or home birth.

If necessary, the midwife will arrange for irregularities to be passed on to the attending doctor.

Birth preparations

Birth preparation takes place in groups of women or couples, continuously over several weeks or compactly at the weekend.

Exercises for relaxation, breathing and body awareness are carried out here and you will receive a lot of information on the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, childbirth, breastfeeding, life with the newborn and being a parent.

Early registration is helpful. In special situations, individual preparatory lessons are available.
Due to the Corona crisis, the birth preparation courses take place online or in person, depending on the current requirements.


Midwives can attend childbirths on their own responsibility, without consulting a doctor. This can take place at home, in a birthing centre, as an affiliated birth in an affiliated hospital or in a midwifery delivery room or in a maternity clinic.

You are also entitled to be accompanied by a midwife in the event of a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Postpartum care

After each birth, every woman, regardless of where she was born, is entitled to midwife care from day one for up to twelve weeks.

After you are discharged, the midwife will be at your side with her specialist knowledge and advice and support. She observes and supports the recovery and healing processes after birth. She also pays attention to the well-being and growth of her baby.

The frequency and duration of home visits depend on the needs of the family.

Beyond the first twelve weeks, you can also consult the midwife with breastfeeding problems and nutritional questions until the end of the breastfeeding period.

Postnatal gymnastics

Changes in the muscles that occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth are strengthened and strengthened again through targeted exercises in the group.
In particular, strengthening the pelvic floor and posture training are the focus of the course.

The costs are covered by the health insurance companies within the first 9 months after the birth.

Breastfeeding advice

Even after the 12th week of life, you are entitled to help and advice on breastfeeding problems and nutritional questions from the midwife.

Family planning

Midwives provide education and advice about natural conception or contraception.

Family midwife

In particularly stressful life situations, there is the possibility of using a family midwife via the KOKI (early help).

Family midwives are midwives with an additional qualification.

Many midwives also have other additional qualifications and offer these on request.

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