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Treatment contract and general contractual conditions

1. Scope

Unless otherwise agreed, these contractual conditions apply to the contractual relationships between the participating freelance midwives in the consultation hours and the mobile on-call service of the Schweinfurt Midwifery Center and the service recipients. The respective midwife acts exclusively in her own name.

2. Legal relationship

The legal relationships between the midwives on duty and the service recipient are of a private law nature.

3. Benefits

The beneficiary takes advantage of the help of the freelance midwife from the consultation hours/on-call service.

The services are provided on the basis of the contract for the provision of midwifery assistance in accordance with Section 134a SGB V, which was concluded between the professional associations of midwives and the GKV-Spitzenverband. This includes the following services provided by the midwifery standby:

  • Advice during pregnancy
  • Postpartum care after birth
  • Advice on breastfeeding and nutritional problems
The mobile on-call service takes place at the announced times. It is intended for the first three weeks after birth; from the fourth week you can make appointments in the consultation hours.

If problems arise during care that require medical clarification, the midwife will recommend seeking medical or clinical treatment

Postpartum care after an outpatient birth or out-of-hospital birth is not the subject of this contract.

The on-call service at the Schweinfurt Midwives Center is purely a service provided by freelance midwives.

It is not guaranteed that this service will be staffed every day.

The service recipient can NOT rely on this service, especially if the mother or child needs to be checked.

The beneficiary must inform the maternity clinic before discharge that daily care from a midwife is not guaranteed.

4. Billing of the fee

  • In the case of statutory health insurance companies, the freelance midwives in the on-call service/consultation hours bill the services to the health insurance company that is liable to pay benefits.
  • Beneficiaries for whom a corporation, institution or foundation under public law covers the services used in the context of pregnancy and maternity (e.g. refugee women without residence status) must submit a declaration of cost assumption from their sponsor.
  • Self-payers are obliged to pay the invoices issued under these General Terms and Conditions. These are based on the Bavarian Private Fees Ordinance (GebO) with a rate of 2.0 times. The midwife has no knowledge of the content of the respective tariffs.

5. Liability

Every midwife is liable for the midwifery services provided by her within the scope of the legal provisions during the on-call service/consultation hours.

6. Medical records/data

As part of this contract, personal data of the service recipient as well as the born/unborn children are collected, processed and used. These are transmitted to third parties (e.g. co-/further supervising midwife, midwife center, cost bearer, billing office, social welfare office) within the scope of the intended purpose, taking into account the respective data protection regulations. Please have your maternity pass, children’s booklet and insurance card ready.

Further data is used for the purposes of accompanying examinations, documentation and evaluation, with the restriction that the privacy of the service recipient is protected from the public.

The freelance midwives and the employees of the Schweinfurt Midwife Center are subject to confidentiality and observe data protection regulations.

If a doctor is called in or a hospital admission or similar is required, the midwives provide the provider with further care with findings and data that are necessary for the additional or further treatment of the mother and child.

She expressly agrees to the passing on of all medical findings and data to the participating midwives in the on-call service/consultation hours.

7. Release from confidentiality

The on-call service/consultation hours are organized by the Schweinfurt Midwifery Center. For the purpose of handing over the service, the benefit recipient releases the midwives working on call from their duty of confidentiality.

8. Other regulations

Please register at https://hebammenzentraleschweinfurt.hebamio.de/anmeldung/.

By submitting the form, you declare your agreement to this treatment contract.

As of May 24, 2022

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