Midwife Center

Information on the services of the midwife center

Dear pregnant women and women who have recently given birth,

Due to the shortage of midwives, there are always gaps in midwife care. To counteract this, we organize consultation hours and a mobile on-call service (June-September).

You can contact these services if you have NOT found a midwife and need advice.

Please find out which service is currently being offered on our website www.hebammenzentrale-schweinfurt.

Further action:

  1. Please book an appointment for the mobile on-call service via the appointment portal on the above-mentioned homepage at the latest by 12 noon the day before, stating the required data.
  2. If you would like an appointment during the consultation hours in Schweinfurt (Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., please make an appointment by telephone on 0151/50795022 by Wednesday at 12 p.m. at the latest.
  3. Then please enter your insurance data, address and data about the child at www.hebammenzentraleschweinfurt.hebamio.de/anmeldung/, this is only necessary for the first appointment booking.
  4. Stay in the clinic for the time that is planned and do NOT go home early if you request it.

General care information

The on-call service at the Schweinfurt Midwives Center is purely a service provided by freelance midwives.

There is no guarantee that this service will be staffed every day.

The service recipient can NOT rely on this service, especially if the mother or child needs to be checked.

The beneficiary must inform the maternity clinic before discharge that daily care by a midwife is not guaranteed and that they can only rely on mobile standby/consultation hours.

Findings that need to be checked include:

  1. Child:
    • Blood sugar levels that need to be checked
    • too much weight loss
    • hyperbilirubinemia requiring control (newborn jaundice)
    • not yet assured nutrition of the child
  2. Mother:
    • Blood pressure values outside the normal range
    • Condition after caesarean section up to 72 hours after the operation
    • Condition after HELLP syndrome, preeclampsia or seizure
    • bladder emptying disorders
    • if you have unexplained heavy bleeding or pain

In urgent cases, contact the nearest clinic or the medical on-call service (on 116 117) or dial 112 in an emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact the midwife center on 0151-50795022

Best regards!

The team at the midwife center in Schweinfurt

Hebammenzentrale Schweinfurt Stadt & Landkreis