Are you pregnant or are you already in confinement?

We work with many midwives from the Schweinfurt region


We have set ourselves the goal of bringing pregnant women/women who have recently given birth and midwives together.
We provide midwives for prenatal care, postpartum care and course offerings related to pregnancy and postpartum.

How to find a midwife:

fill out the form

If possible, tell us exactly what you need and what your concerns are.

We search for you

Based on your information, we will look for a midwife in your area according to your wishes. We will contact the midwives and give them your contact details if there is free capacity.

The midwife contacts you

The midwife will contact you and discuss how to proceed with your case.

The midwife center is funded by the government of Upper Franconia with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care. The placement is free for all pregnant women and families with newborns in the city and district of Schweinfurt. Many midwives in the Schweinfurt region are cooperating with us. Due to the shortage of midwives, however, we cannot give you a placement guarantee.


What happens with my data?

The form is sent to us via a secure SSL connection. Your information will only be seen by the midwives’ office and – if the search is successful – passed on to one or more midwives.

After a successful placement, your details will be anonymized after 30 days and only kept for statistical evaluations.

Our servers are located in Germany and are subject to the GDPR. No data will be passed on to third parties.

Am I obligated to anything?

No! Neither the request nor the mediation of the midwife are associated with any costs or obligations for you.

The midwife center is financed by the Free State of Bavaria and operated under the auspices of the Leopoldina Hospital in Schweinfurt.

We assume that you will contact us if you have already found a midwife yourself.

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